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Clio ListMom Cartel™

Cartel ListMoms

Barry Austern Jon Brehaut Jim Carr
Rick Faaberg Bill Fuller (aka "Old") Bruce Giles
Dave Gomberg Jack Jackson Katrina Knight
William Lane Brett Lymn Steve Newman
Charles Patrick Johannes Posel Michael Prete
Bob Reardon Vince Sabio Jerry Schmidt
Michael Welch Marc Wolfe  

List Server Information

We have completed (October 2009) our transition to new server hardware and software, which offers increased speed and reliability. All production lists are now running on the new Gazelle server at Our "Chat" list is running on a Gazelle server at Be sure to check individual list pages for the most accurate subscription information for each list.

For all lists hosted on Gazelle, your command messages (join, leave, etc.) to the server must include the word "Gazelle" somewhere in the subject line:

You must put "Gazelle" in the subject line!

Failure to include the word "Gazelle" in the subject line will result in your command messages being ignored by the server.

Updated: 30-Nov-2009